Tagebuch 6. Mai 2017: Milton Erickson

And then we ... looked at the birds. And I spoke about the migration of birds, how a tern was born, how they hatched out one summer in the aerie. And when the right time comes they fly 10,000 miles to the tip of South America. It doesn’t have a compass, it has no college education, but he finds his way anyway…

And then I suggested, let’s walk down to the ….beach.’ We spoke about the beach having been there long before the white men—enjoyed by ... countless generations. Yet that beach of green being there permanent for future generations. And I had her look at the ocean, as it was smooth with small waves on it, huge waves. We talked about the inhabitants of the ocean, the migration of the green turtle, the whales, the salmon, their mysterious ways of finding home in some river…We spoke of all the mystery of the ocean, how mysterious it was. And there was a tide—go out and come back in. And we see the violent storm of the ocean.”



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